Carbon Steel Precision Worm Shaft



Carbon steel precision worm shafts are made using an S45C quenched and tempered construction steel that has a tempering hardness of HRC26-35, and a quenching hardness of HRC55-58 with a limit value of HRC62. This ensures the steel has a high hardness and excellent cutting machinability, as well as an outstanding toughness, plasticity and wear resistance after heat treatment. Due to its high strength, wear resistance and low noise levels, the steel is ideally suited to manufacturing precision worm shafts.

Application scope
Carbon steel precision worm shafts are used in reducers, agricultural machinery and engineering machinery.

Manufacturing data
Material: S45C
Module: 2.5M
Number of starts: 1
Profile angle: 20°
Outside diameter: φ33
Hand of spiral: right
Total length: 260
Hardness: HRC45-55
Processing requirements: finish grinding after nitrogen treatment

Processing conditions: We will process the gear shaft based on customer drawings or templates.

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