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Merchandise Description

Worm Reducer with Motor

Worm equipment reducer (NMRV worm reducer)
1. Produced of large-good quality aluminium alloy, light-weight bodyweight and non-rusting.
two. Big output torque.
3. Sleek operating and reduced sounds.
four. High radiating efficeency.
5. Excellent-hunting look, durable services lifestyle and modest quantity.
six. Ideal for omnibearing set up.

NMRV thirty-130 small worm equipment motor:
RV series small worm aluminium box is a new-generation of products created by our factory on the basis of perfecting WJ collection products with compromise of sophisticated technology both at property and abroad. Modest worm aluminium box visual appeal adopts innovative sq. box variety construction. Its outer entire body is created of high quality, aluminium alloy die casting into forming. It has the traits of tiny volume, gentle fat, large in radiating performance, large in output torque, smooth in running, stable transmission with minimal noise. It is gorgeous and durable and it truly is suited for omni-bearing set up. It really is commonly utilized in gentle industry, substances, foods, packing, pharmaceuticals etc.

NMRV 30-a hundred thirty worm gear motor Attributes:
one. Tiny worm aluminium box
two. High quality bearings stop leaks, lead to flexibility in mountin-g and enhance reducer lifestyle
3. NEMA and IEC motors inputs
four. Double-lip oil seals
5. O-rings are utilized to prevent leaks
6. Regular hollow output bore and CZPT plug in shafts give better flexibility.
seven. Automated production approach from an ISO9001 qualified organization assures high quality, dependable gearing.

Worm gear motor Specialized knowledge:

1. Small worm aluminium box
2. Higher high quality bearings avoid leaks, contribute to adaptability in mountin-g and enhance reducer daily life
3. NEMA and IEC motors inputs
four. Double-lip oil seals
5. O-rings are utilised to avert leaks
six. Standard hollow output bore and CZPT plug in shafts give increased flexibility.
7. Automatic manufacturing procedure from an ISO9001 qualified business assures good quality, trustworthy gearing.

NMRV 30-one hundred thirty little worm gearboxes Technical information:
Output torque: 4 – 1379 N. M
Product: RV 30-one hundred thirty
Pace ratio: 7.5 – 100
Input electricity .06 – 7.5 kw

G3 collection Helical Geared Motors
Energy: .1kw, .2kw, .4kw, .75kw, 1.5kw

R collection Helical Geared Motors
Size: R28, R38, R48, R58, R68, R78, R88, R98, R108, R138, R148, R168

NMRV collection Worm-gear Velocity Reducer
Product: NMRV571, NMRV030, NMRV040, NMRV050, NMRV063, NMRV075, NMRV090, NMRV110, NMRV130

UDL collection World Cone-disk Stepless Velocity Variation
Product: UDL0.eighteen, UDL0.37, UDL0.fifty five, UDL0.seventy five, UD1.1, UD1.5, UD2.2, UD3., UD4., UD5.5, UD7.five

Motor Reducer
Electricity Pole Pace NMRV   I
.06KW four 1400r/min 571~040 7.5~a hundred
.09KW four 1400r/min 571~040 seven.5~100
.12KW 4 1400r/min 030~050 7.5~a hundred
.18KW four 1400r/min 030~050 seven.5~100
.25KW 4 1400r/min 040~063 seven.5~one hundred
.37KW four 1400r/min 040~063 7.5~one hundred
.55KW 4 1400r/min 040~075 seven.5~one hundred
.75KW four 1400r/min 050~090 seven.5~a hundred
1.1KW 4 1400r/min 063~one hundred ten 7.5~one hundred
one.5KW 4 1400r/min 075~a hundred thirty 7.5~one hundred
two.2KW four 1400r/min 090~one hundred thirty 7.5~eighty
3KW four 1400r/min a hundred and ten~130 seven.5~sixty
4KW 4 1400r/min one hundred ten~a hundred thirty seven.5~50
five.5KW four 1400r/min a hundred and ten~a hundred thirty seven.5~thirty
7.5KW 4 1400r/min a hundred and ten~130 7.5~25

Safety PROVISIONS: Worm drives should not be utilized as a locking system to safe weighty objects, which might cause damage or injuries throughout reverse motion. In non-probably harmful purposes, self-locking is necessary to avert reverse rotation, and then a minimal-pitch one-threaded worm is utilized to instantly lock the worm equipment to prevent reverse rotation.
The lubricating oil exterior circulation products of the worm gear reducer products has lower oil temperature. The worm gear reducer strategies to traverse its electrical power. The worm equipment is made of non-ferrous steel. Grasp information worms are usually made of challenging metal. Therefore, utilizing a whole lot of heat in the software, coupled with the affect of the ambient temperature, it is difficult to manage the temperature of the reducer. Use in the temperature variety. When the ambient temperature is reduce than 0℃, the working temperature of the worm gear reducer should be managed at -40℃~40℃. It is advised to heat or use a lower freezing position lubricant just before the oil is fully dissolved.

China Standard Nmrv Worm Reducer with Gear Motor     near me supplier