China Good quality Worm Gearbox and Transmission Gear for Construction CZPT with Good quality

Item Description

12.Circular cylindrical worm reducer

Fat&lparKG) Gear ratio Heart length&lparMM) Input electrical power&lparKW)
50 1&sol14 125 10.three
1&sol16 11.6
one&sol18 eleven.7
We undertake sophisticated circle-arc tooth in worm and gear, which signifies load capability is exceptional and transmission effectiveness is large.We also adopt large-good quality seal and just take air check prior to shipping to make certain fantastic sealing functionality.In the meantime, each reducer will be made a experiment of operating in to make confident that they operate effortlessly with minimal noise.The worm’s machining accuracy is substantial and has passed top quality examination by German Klingelnberg detector.

thirteen.worm and equipment

Regular dimensions
Model Worm length Bearings distance Gear ratio Center distance Worm enamel Keyway Worm  bore
Code L&lparMM) L1&lparMM) i a&lparMM) &lparPCS) &lparMM) Ø
HUASHENGCHANG 464 204 1&sol16 one hundred twenty five 48 eighteen 65
HUASHENGCHANG 411 173 one&sol16 125 32 18 65
AOYA 447 190 one&sol16 a hundred twenty five 32 eighteen sixty five
AOYA 450 190 one&sol18 a hundred twenty five 36 eighteen sixty five
CAOSHI 453 186.5 one&sol16 one hundred twenty five forty eight eighteen sixty five
TIANMING 438 one hundred ninety 1&sol16 125 forty eight 20 sixty five
TIANMING 430 210 1&sol16 one hundred twenty five forty eight 20 65
XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. 427 177 one&sol16 a hundred twenty five 48 18 sixty five
WANNENGDA 395 152 one&sol18 125 36 18 65
BAODA 448 one hundred eighty one&sol16 one hundred twenty five forty eight eighteen sixty five
 High processing precision Have handed detection of quality detector, the doing work life is long Bearing capability is powerful and transmission efficiency is higher

fourteen.output shaft

Regular dimensions
Excess weight &lparKG) 7. 6.eight seven. seven. 7.
Overall size L&lparMM) 298 294 298 312.5 292
Phase of thread L1&lparMM) eighteen &sol &sol 16 &sol
Action of spline L2&lparMM) forty fifty three.5 45.five forty one 54.5
Action of huge bearing L3&lparMM) 34 33 34 34 34
Step of major diameter L4&lparMM) fifty five 44 forty four fifty eight.eight 45
Action of worm L5&lparMM) 79 79 seventy nine seventy eight 78
Stage of minor diameter L6&lparMM) 35 37 35 41 34
Oil seal action diameter D1&lparMM) Ø60 Ø60 Ø60 Ø60 Ø60
Big bearing action diameter D2&lparMM) Ø65 Ø65 Ø65 Ø65 Ø65
Worm stage diameter D3&lparMM) Ø65 Ø65 Ø65 Ø65 Ø65
Small bearing phase diameter D4&lparMM) Ø50 Ø50 Ø50 Ø50 Ø50
Thread diameter M M42&ast1.5 &sol &sol M42&ast1.5 &sol
Spline N&astd&astD&astB 6&ast49.5&ast55&ast14 6&ast49.5&ast55&ast14 ten&ast45&ast56&ast7 six&ast49.5&ast55&ast14 six&ast49.5&ast55&ast14
Keyway B1 eighteen eighteen 18 eighteen eighteen

Circular cylindrical worm reducer: circular cylindrical worm reducer is the place to market the use of CZPT items, can be widely used in lifting, chemical, mining, metallurgy, development and other transmission equipment in the slowdown transmission, and other machinery sector , Is the industry in which the general reducer up grade products &lparmust use N320 turbine oil or 33 &num oil).
It has a powerful resistance to glue, vibration, smooth work, lower sounds, large transmission efficiency, minimal oil temperature and other significant advantages.
1, lifting mast with high-power aluminum alloy profiles, the entire mild fat, straightforward to go.
2, the system electrical power can be employed in accordance to person requirements 380V or 220V AC, can also be employed batteries.
three, compact form layout, so that the machine can pass through a narrow channel or lower hall.
4, up and down 2 working programs, 1 can accomplish lifting purpose.
5, a excellent gentleman-device interface, working lights, leakage protection gadgets, high breaking circuit breaker readily obtainable.
six, anti-pipeline rupture valve, crisis guide drop, cylinder piston limit, emergency stop button and other sets of safety protection measures to make the solution more protected and reputable.
7, unbiased study and development of created-in higher-energy use-resistant mounted slider device to achieve the hole among the mast CZPT the gap, so that the system elevate much more clean and comfy. The double chain generate significantly increases the safety aspect of the construction staff at higher altitude.
8, indexable leg stabilizer to the aerial operate system to decrease the running blind location
Solution benefits:
one. Carrying potential
two. Compact construction
3. Transmission effectiveness is high
4. Easy operation, low sounds
5. Prolonged services lifestyle
six. Minimizing cabinet with high toughness aluminum alloy content
7. Large intensity and mild weight

worm and worm wheel of gearbox
gearbox areas
Construction Hoist Worm and Worm Wheel
Higher high quality development hoist spare parts 
High good quality GJJ, BAODA content hoist spare components

Development Hoist Worm and Worm Wheel
All types of hoist spare areas
Driving unit with 2-motors &sol 3-motors&semi
motor: 11kw, fourteen.5kw,18kw&semi
motor spare elements: braking system&semi brake sheet, motor adjustor, electromagnet,motor admirer.
safety unit: 30KN,40KN,50KN,60KN&semi
gearbox: 16:1,14:1,12:1&semi10:1&semi
1. We can design according to your drawing.
two. Abundant experience and excellent engineering assistance.
3. Manufacturer and Trade Firm.
four. Any MOQ is Alright.
five. a hundred&percnt inspection just before supply.
6. Competitive price tag with high top quality.

The push element is a worm. In buy to combine the wheel/worm into a worm gear, it need to be ensured that the middle distance is equivalent and the transmission ratio is equivalent. Heart distances are accessible from inventory in small measures in between 17mm and 80mm. Each middle length has numerous equipment ratios. Ep worm gears are suitable for the manufacturing of worm drives with a shaft angle of 90°. Using a worm travel, quite big reduction ratios (up to one hundred:1) can be achieved.
The ideal transmission selection is when large transmission reduction is essential. A worm gear is equivalent to a helical equipment with a throat lower to improve the outer diameter of the wheel. The throat enables the worm equipment to wrap completely around the threads of the worm. By reducing the threads on the worm fairly than the enamel, and by adjusting the number of threads, different ratios can be achieved with no altering the mounting arrangement. A distinctive characteristic of worm gears and worm gear assemblies is their ability to stop reverse rotation.

China Good quality Worm Gearbox and Transmission Gear for Construction CZPT     with Good quality