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10 years of focus on custom manufacturers of auto parts

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Focusing on the processing and customization of auto parts for 10 years, one-stop service from product design, raw material purchase, manufacturing to packaging and distribution.With advanced production equipment and perfect technological process, the products sell well all over the world.

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The company has a professional product R&D and design team that can design satisfactory products according to customer needs. All products have undergone multiple tests such as waterproof, shockproof, and aging tests. The quality department strictly controls product quality.

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We will continue to increase investment in research and development of various worms, staff training and process improvement. Keeping close to customer needs, absorbing advanced technology, continuous improvement and perfection, continuous breakthroughs in key technologies!

Features of worm shaft

System stability

The worm drive system is equivalent to the spiral drive, which is a multi-tooth meshing drive system, so the drive system is stable and has little noise.A very large reduction ratio can be obtained, and the organization is more compact than the overlapped bevel gears.


When the worm’s index circle diameter angle is lower than the dose internal friction angle between the meshing transmission gears, the mechanism is self-locking and can be self-locked in the opposite direction, that is, only the worm pushes the worm wheel, not the worm wheel.

Production material

Under normal conditions, the worm is a rotating shaft, and the raw material is dense carbon steel, which is not easy to wear; the worm wheel is a driving wheel, and the raw material is brass.Brass has a lubricating effect and is beneficial to reduce friction.

Toroidal worm

Toroidal worm drive characteristics:

(1) The gear surface has good oil film formation conditions, and the bearing capacity and efficiency of anti-gluing are high;

(2) There are more teeth in contact at the same time, and the carrying capacity is 1.5^4 times;

(3) The manufacturing and installation are more complicated, and the accuracy requirements are high;

(4) The cooling method needs to be considered.

Worm Shaft

Worm shaft is an important part of machinery, and it is also one of the common typical parts in machining. It supports the rotation of other rotating parts and transmits torque, and at the same time is connected by the frame of the bearing.

Worm shaft parts are rotating parts whose length is greater than the diameter, and are composed of an outer cylindrical surface, a conical surface, an inner hole, a thread, and the corresponding end surface. The machined surface usually includes splines, keyways, transverse holes, grooves, etc. in addition to the outer surface, conical surface, thread, and end surface.

According to functions and structural shapes, worm shafts have various forms, such as optical shafts, hollow shafts, half shafts, step shafts, key shafts, eccentric shafts, crankshafts, camshafts, etc.

About Us

XinLan Worm Shaft Co., Ltd. is located in Toulouse, France. For two decades, Xinlan has been focusing on the development and production of worm gears. Close to customer needs, absorb advanced technology, continue to improve and perfect, and continue to break through key technologies! In recent years, it has been highly recognized by customers all over the world. The production of various types of worm gears, especially the production technology of non-standard worms, has reached the domestic leading level. 

– What are the methods for machining worm gear shafts?

One method of worm drive gear processing is the forming method, which is to drill teeth according to the shape and the shape of the drilled groove, such as milling teeth; the other is the forming method, that is, the use of CNC blades and passive transmission The teeth in the middle of the gears engage in fitness exercises to drill the teeth, such as hobbing and shaping teeth. Use end mills and forming CNC blades for production and processing.

– The working principle of worm gear?

The two shafts of the worm gear drive are crossed and perpendicular to each other; the worm can be seen as a spiral with one tooth or several teeth wound along the spiral on a cylinder. The worm wheel is like a helical gear, but its teeth wrap the worm. When the spider enters, when the spider rotates, the spider wheel drive rotates one or more gears, so the speed ratio of the worm gear drive is i=the number of worms Z1/the number of teeth of worm gear Z2.

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